Sunday, November 24, 2013

How to Say NO to Holiday Munchies

The holiday season has officially begun and my health and fitness kick is going strong, until the weekend that is.  Invitations to holiday dinners, cocktail parties and cookie swaps make it nearly impossible to stick with a diet or health regimine.  I walk into the gym and cookies and cakes are welcoming me at the door. On the second floor, ginger snaps and pretzels are just waiting to escape their jars. Something is wrong with this picture.

I have such incredible control all week long and then by the weekend everything changes. It is loss of control over the situation.  During the week, I pretty much answer to no one but myself in a controlled environment.  I am going at my pace and eating my groceries at my speed.  The minute the weekend comes, my husband heads to the Allentown Farmers Market, stocking the fridge with buffalo chicken dip and beef sticks and loading the pantry with Long John donuts, nut rolls and all kinds of Penna Dutch delights he grew up on.  He hits Yocco's  (I call it Yucco's), The King of Hot Dogs, in Pennsylvania for the boys' lunch and returns home with bags of dogs, perogies and burgers.  Who can resist?  The smells permeate the house.  As for me, I know it's coming and I skip out of the house and head to the gym as early as possible.  I don't want to come home because I know the hypnotic temptations that await my arrival.  The truth is, I can't eat just one.  The false hunger that comes from genetically modified foods (GMOs), is killing us and making us only crave more (loaded with sugars, so of course we crave more).  I have to break this habit before it breaks me.  Let me guess, you are in the same boat?

So what do we do to control the situation on the weekend, as well as we do during the week?  AVOIDANCE.  Out of sight = out of mind.  Do I have to attend every party in town?  No.  Do I need to exhibit more self control if I do? Yes.  What about at home? My husband always says, "why do I have to suffer because your on a health kick?" (I are laughing right now because this is a familiar conversation).  I tell my husband to hide his snacks but he defies my desperate cry for help.  The only thing left is sheer WILLPOWER. Willpower equals self-control.  I know I have it, I do it all week long. So why do I still allow others' weaknesses to dictate my behavior?  I'm done.  My weekends for me will consist of less parties, more self control at home and elsewhere.  I've done it before, I can do it again.  And for you?  There's no time like the present to start.  It's conditioning like anything else (ex: working out or training for a race). It's digging deep into your soul and finding that self-confidence and will to be a success at whatever you do.  It's there, never doubt it, but no one is going to find it and make it happen besides you.  Remember, you are not alon
e. If anything, you have me.

In Good Health,

Jamie Gottschall
The NYClifestylist

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