Friday, October 18, 2013

Winter Wear Organizing: Avoid the Clutter Chaos!

Each year, there seems to be a drastic shift in the weather and when it happens few of us are prepared.  We scurry to locate our hats, gloves and scarves and the result: "a hot mess!"  If we were just organized when we packed these things up, we would avoid this time-consuming, blood pressure elevating experience.

Today, I am going to explain a way to avoid this mass confusion and you are going to say, "now why didn't I think of that!"  A solution that is so simple and will help you to breathe a little easier.

October is an iffy month.  I just hate to be cold and ,as a runner, if I don't have my gear on a brisk day, I'm not running! Now if I'm cold, my children getting up even earlier for school, I fear, are even colder.  Come Oct 1, I ensure all of my winter accessories are organized and ready for EASY pickin'!

The tip is simple.  Most people fill a basket or drawer, piling their gloves, hat and scarves, one on top of the other.  WRONG!  Beep, beep, beep, back up!  Why dig and toss everything about or, even worse, start pulling things out of the basket or drawer to unearth what you are looking for at the bottom?

Below are the SIMPLE steps to get organized:

This season, start pairing your gloves and mittens, and place them in a basket, or drawer sideways continuing to fill the basket the same way until it is full.

Fold your scarves neatly and try to figure out a way you can get the most scarves in your container, across the longest side of the basket.  Place the rounded folds facing up for neatness.

Begin placing your hats just as you would the other accessories, side by side on the longest side of your container in effort to maximize the amount of hats you can fit inside.

Just take a look at the pictures I provided for you.  I organize my winter accessories in baskets that I keep on the top shelf of my closet in the off season.  I move the basket to my closet floor for easy access during the cold season.  It's a simple solution that I hope it will help with some of the winter clutter chaos!

Warm Regards,

Jamie Gottschall
The NYClifestylist

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