Friday, April 6, 2012

Off The Cuff

Well, I sure hope Linda Carter aka, “WONDER WOMAN,” never sold the family jewels.  Remember the bullet repelling, golden cuffs the zaftig Grecian beauty donned around her wrists?  As a child, I remember longing for a set so desperately that I would wrap tin foil around my wrists before each show began, just in case she missed a cap.  And yes, in my mind, for a time I WAS Wonder Woman.  What can I say, “A true testament for my love of fashion combined with athleticism,” ha!
 For a year, I have been selling cuffs in my NYClifestylist accessory line, but you know how it goes, it takes just that long, to spark the excitement within the general public.  My persistence though, is finally paying off.  My last jewelry “BUY” in NY was “off the cuff!!!”  Golden armor galore, enough to clad the Amazon Army.  Only this time around, Wonder Woman can step aside, these bangin’ cuffs are jeweled and basket weaved, and you can’t fake that with a piece of tin foil.  My cuffs are going to be dodging bullets all over the Lehigh Valley and beyond. 

Magazine clips courtesy of Marie Claire & vogue

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