Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb

This year’s Fall & Winter fashion is entering ferociously like a lion and will exit like a Mongolian lamb…and I mean that literally.

Upon opening Vogue and WWD magazine this season, I instantly had an epiphany. I was awestruck by the use of all my favorite vintage trends. In essence, it was a relief to my wardrobe and my wallet. What I witnessed as I thumbed and earmarked through the glossy, bold colored pages, was the fashion moment I have longed for. For years I have collected vintage fur bags, coats and hats in every variety. Snake, python and crocodile skin bags, have been lining my closet shelves for more than a decade. Vintage costume serpent and animal print or textured accessories are over-flowing in my closets & drawers. I can go on and on, I am definitely a collector of luxury goods and vintage items. I can’t help myself, I have a well trained eye and shopping savvy to nab a quality bargain when I find one. Although I have been a fearless fashion warrior, trend or no trend, a classic is always just that. The difference between classic and classic chic is knowing how to take a simple monochromatic ensemble and mixing and matching it with accessories, laying it on thick (and getting away with it) yet maintaining a classic spirit.

This season’s fall lineup is beyond fruitful. It’s the season of “Anything goes, HODGE PODGE, mix and match.” From skins, furs, dots and block prints to glossy, flowery, feathery and lacey. It’s time to have fun with your wardrobe without worry. That’s right, worry-free fashion. Everyone has a chance to claim best dressed this time around. This season fashion mavens have turned fashion into a real “work of art.” Magazines and runways alike are showing splashes of vibrant colors mixed with floral prints, fur bags, leather and suede trousers and jackets. But those pieces are not flying solo; this fall they are fur trimmed & lined, croc belted and python printed. Jewelry is also leaning toward the non-traditional. Metal neck cuffs are replacing the customary shirt collar and chandelier earrings are worn night AND day. It’s about knotting and bowing a scarf and meticulously wrapping your neck, waist or head. It’s what fashion authorities are calling “unconventional chic”. It’s easy! Just grab your favorite trousers, favorite top, favorite earrings and statement jewelry pieces, handbag and scarf. You’ll earn an “in-the-know” ticket to fashion week whether it “matches” or not.

I could go on forever about fashion but I will spare you. Take some extra time this weekend to pull out those favorite pieces for inspiration, practice the art of “scarfing” and “scarf belting,” or go through mom or grannies closet, you never know what vintage fashion treasures you will find.

For me, this season is the rebirth of fashion and all that is beautiful and luxurious. On that note, I can’t add anything more than… I’m in heaven!

Good luck!

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