Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here's the Squeeze on Healthy Eating

I have always had quite the appetite. But since my health, wellness and overall “LIFESTYLE” make-over one year ago, I traded in my insatiable appetite for one which requires nothing more than self control. It took me only 4 days of eliminating carbohydrates, dairy and gluten from my diet (oh, and salt too) to alleviate the cravings I once possessed. I trained myself to eat clean! I knew in the back of my mind that risk would equal Reward! My new diet consisted of eating salad, chicken, turkey, salmon and other fish. As any good cook would do, I needed to get “healthfully creative.”Here’s the squeeze; Gluten is an additive in most sauces, including salad dressing, therefore I had to come up with my own. To begin I reached for a lemon and gave it a good pressing roll with the heel of my hand (this helps extract the juices from within the pith). I carefully sliced the lemon in half with a sharp paring knife (be sure to use a cutting board with a well to catch the juices and place it on top of a dish towel because if you have stone or another natural counter top, the acid in the lemon will strip away your polished finish). I then added a splash of extra virgin olive oil (first pressed, of course) and wrapped half a lemon in cheese cloth (to catch the pits) and gave it a good squeeze.
This simple dressing led to the most delicious salad I had ever eaten!

Here’s my recipe:
-Mixed organic greens of choice (I love mixing frisee’ with chopped hearts of romaine)
-Organic grape tomatoes sliced in half
-A hand full of organic craisins
-No more than 5 organic unsalted almonds
-1 hardboiled organic egg white, sliced in half (toss the yolk, too much cholesterol)
-A handful of organic blueberries
-Organic Extra virgin olive oil, to taste (go easy now!)
-½ organic lemon squeezed
-Alternate organic chicken strips, turkey or wild salmon daily

OMG!! This salad has received “Rave Reviews”

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